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The darkest most twisted cover version of Amy winehoues’Back To Black” performed by Bryan Ferry. 

Highly recommended. 

Love this. Love him.

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Hans BellmerUntitled (Hands Triptych), 1933-1934

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I saw you in my dream last night. We were both seating on a bench in the old harbour of the city i live. We were watching the boats floating in a mist. I was dressed with an enormous baroque dress light blue and gold. This dress almost hide me, i could see only a small face of me hiding in this. I thought. Oh, look at me, i’m a teapot. And you , you were only like the reflection of you. It was like light could penetrate through you. Suddenly we saw a real ”you” passing by embracing a girl with dark long hair. tears starting running from eyes. It was tea tears.
I love him, i told you.

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Me Voy A Morir De Tanto Amor by Alberto Iglesias

Ξανά και ξανά. Δεν μπορώ να σταματήσω. Το ακούω συνέχεια.

Θα περάσει και αυτό…

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Jimi Hendrix photographed by Ron Raffaelli in Hawaii, 1968.

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